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Safway Tracking System

Safway Tracking System

Scaffold & Labor Management

The Safway Tracking System is an exclusive scaffold equipment and labor management tool from Safway that captures and generates data about your job site's equipment, labor and productivity – right from your computer.

As a project management tool, the Safway Tracking System can help:

With the Safway Tracking System, you can better plan and schedule your next scaffold project. You get better performance – the fewer people you need to do the work, the lower the labor hours. Lower labor hours mean lower costs for you at the end of the day. The Safway Tracking System can track labor hours for erection, dismantling, modifications and non-productive time.

In addition, this state-of-the-art system tracks tasks vital to each job, including:

How the Safway Tracking System Works

This management tool also allows you to access data from multiple job sites and to review reports of:

All of your project information is kept secure, with access restricted to the users you select. Whether you are the construction manager or scaffold coordinator, you can obtain customized job site reports that are accurate up-to-the-minute and ready for you to access at the touch of your fingertips through the Internet.

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