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Microsoft East Coast Headquarters

Microsoft® East Coast Headquarters
Charlotte, NC
September 2006 - September 2007
About the project
The Safway Charlotte branch teamed up with Microsoft and Pro-Tec Finishes to provide rental and labor services for Microsoft's East Coast Headquarters. The renovation project included two, 4-story buildings, which required more than 150,000 square feet of exterior wall to be covered with the SafMax® Frame System.
Each elevation was built independently by a five-man crew that used approximately 140,000 pounds of scaffold. SafMax® was used for the removal, repair and re-installation of brick and stucco. All trades involved with the project used SafMax®, including: demolition crews, masons, plasterers, waterproofers, inspectors, engineers, and the owner and clients.
Products used
SafMax® Frame System; Systems™ Scaffold
Services used
Labor; Rental

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