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University of Pittsburgh Medical College (UPMC)
Pittsburgh, Pa.
January 2008 - April 2008
About the project
The five top executive floors of the former U.S. Steel headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., are now home to the University of Pittsburgh Medical College (UPMC), who also bought the rights to place the letters "UPMC" atop the building at 845 feet above street level. The Pittsburgh branch began work on the three-sided, 65-story building in January 2008 by supplying work cages, electric hoists and a suspension system to provide access for the customer to weld steel brackets 25 feet below roof level.
Two hoist motors effortlessly raised twelve, 2,000-pound steel beams 820 feet to attach to the steel brackets. Once in place, the beams and brackets held the letters "UPMC." Twelve 2,400-pound, 20' x 20' letters (four per side) were lowered in place by helicopter in April 2008. UPMC is a hospital managing company and insurance provider affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. They are the largest employer in Western Pennsylvania.
Products used
Electric Hoists; Work Cages; Skybeam Suspension System

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