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Patroon Island Bridge

Patroon Island Bridge
Albany, N.Y.
November 2008
About the project
For a second year, the Albany branch was called in by New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide suspended access on the Patroon Island Bridge. To repair four floor beams, recently “red flagged” by DOT engineers, the branch originally supplied and installed two, 380-sq. ft. platforms of the QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System, each to be relocated once.
As installation began, crews were able to keep the DOT well ahead of schedule. Thus, a third and fourth platform were added, one at 700 sq. ft. and the other at 1,024 sq. ft. In addition, one of the original platforms was extended to 1,120 sq. ft.
Additional relocations, modifications and engineering services were also required to provide the necessary work area while building around new obstacles. Erection and dismantling crews required tight scheduling and coordination with the DOT for ramp & lane closures while competing with rush hour traffic. Our crews maintained a presence on the bridge for the entire two and a half weeks of work. In all, 10 “red flag” repairs were made to the floor beams, far exceeding the expected scope of work.
The Bridge Division engineers and operations team played a key role in the success of this project. Their close coordination with the Albany branch made response to modifications possible and allowed our crews to keep pace with the DOT’s schedule.
Products used
QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System
Services used
Engineering; Labor

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