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Systems Scaffold: Seismic Testing

Seismic Testing

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View Seismic Testing press release. Request a copy of the full Seismic Testing report.

Performed at Clark Dynamic Test Laboratory in Jefferson Hills, Pa.

Safway® Systems™ Scaffold has passed all seismic qualification tests of Class 1E equipment and is in full compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Std 344.

The seismic qualification test evaluated the scaffold's ability to withstand earthquake-like conditions. The test was conducted to complement the current method of analyzing scaffolds that are used under seismic conditions.

The Results

The test tower remained completely intact. None of the equipment was damaged or became dislodged.

Safways seismic qualification test input was also greater than any other known seismic qualification test of scaffold in its class.

Tests Performed

ANSI/IEEE standard 344 requires the equipment to withstand:

Systems undergoes Seismic testing.

Systems™ Tower Details

Systems™ Scaffold - Seismic-test Qualified Flyer

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