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ThyssenKrupp helps tsunami victims

11/30/2005 ThyssenKrupp is to help victims of the tsunami in India and Thailand by rebuilding a village in a severely affected region of each country. The regions concerned are Madras in India and Khao Lak in Thailand. The logistical possibilities are currently being examined. At the same time an orphanage will be built in each of the two countries with the support of ThyssenKrupp. It is also planned to secure the financing of expert psychological counseling in these orphanages. Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz, Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG: "All our sympathy goes to the victims and their families. With these concrete, sustained projects we want to contribute to the reconstruction process. As well as providing humanitarian aid, we wish to express our closeness with these countries in which we have been active for many years." The volume of the donation will be between 2 and 2.5 million euros.

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